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Prayers of Joy
Joy for relief that Donna DeVico’s follow-up MRI on Friday revealed that everything is stable and no new tumors. Joy that Jackson Reiter, his girlfriend, and his close friend, Meganare all enjoying their new jobs in their chosen professions, Joy for Jim Bickelhaupt’s 50th birthday, Joy for Brandy’s birthday, Joy of Hannah Wick’s 7th birthday, Joy that William Fasano was able to buy his grandfather’s truck that he wanted since he was 16, Joy that Riley Fasano now has William’s Camry as her own, Joy that Sue Mannino’s brother, Fred, is recovering from his burns, Joy for the celebration of Harry Cooley/Deb’s grandaughter Grace’s first communion, Joy for Deb to be able to talk to her dad about his granddaughter’s wedding next year, Thanksgiving for the gift of Courtney’s cousin, Janet, on her birthday which is today, August 23, Joy for Delane to return to teaching and to see the kids in the classroom, Joy that Gillian’s son who passed his GCSEs (state exams at 16 in Ireland) and is back in school to do Alevels, Gratitude for the Lord’s continued blessing of those who believe in Him, Joy for the gift of healthy and wonderful children who raise their mother up, Thanksgiving for a husband that is so supportive and loves his wife wholly, Joy of the Lord guiding decisions, and Joy of being able to teach students again, Prayers of thanksgiving for God’s continued love, Joy that we will be worshiping together on the lawn very soon, O Lord, we lift you praise and thanksgiving.

Prayers of Concern

Prayers for Joan Rogers and her family as they grieve her sister and for the memorial service yesterday, Prayers for Charlie’s cousin who had his wife pass away suddenly this past week, Prayers for peace in our nation, Prayers for a little girl, Sierra, with a transverse Metriyl and is in ICU with little movement in her body, Prayers for strength for a friend who lost a loved one, Prayers for strength and guidance for someone estranged from their parents, Prayers for strength and  clear mind to be able to meet all the demands of a human being and to be the best that one can be, Prayers for Sue Manino’s sister-in-law, Stella is in the hospital with serious issues, Prayers for a family in a legal situation, Prayers for Barbara Kurylo, Prayers for Ellen Ramberg as she is fighting cancer, Prayers for Ellen Ramberg’s granddaughter, Addison, who has juvenile diabetes, Prayers for the Evans and Conway family in the loss of a loved one, Prayers for TJ and friend Jan, Prayers for Riley Vavrence that her levels are at the right level for her to start her fourth/last intensive treatment in this cycle of chemo at The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Prayers for Cynthia & John Parker as they return home from a family cross-country trip and are in quarantine, Prayers for Eileen whose mom died peacefully in her sleep on Friday, Prayers for Gillian who mourns her lovely husband, Prayers for a mom who is lonely and homesick in a nursing home, Prayers for a 17-year-old  who has Covid that she returns to full health soon, Prayers for a pastor who leads her church in America even though her heart is sore, Prayers for Alexei Navalny the opposition dissident to Putin and all who are living under authoritarian rule, Prayers for those suffering from covid19 and that a cure/vaccine is found soon, Prayers to learn to relax and enjoy the people in life to love,  Prayers for Richard Riggs, Prayers for Lysa and Roger Reiter’s friends Phil and Heather, who had a large tree fall on their house and they need it repaired quickly for their safety,  Prayers for a daughter who is trying to find her way and left home, Prayers for a daughter who is moving her mom into an Alzheimer’s unit, Prayers for a widow who is selling her home, transitioning jobs, and moving to a rental, Prayers for Julie Thro’s Mom who is in the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis and the hospital will not allow visitors and updates are limited, Prayer for Carole’s back that she might find healing, Prayers for Matt Wick’s Mother who is now on hospice, Prayers for Rob, Ashley, Gerry, Kathy, and all those who deny their addictive behavior, Prayers for Laurie Fasano’s father who is having pain and his hip and is using a cane to get around, Prayers for Danelle with a health scare, Prayers for all those affected around the globe by The virus, The climate, The economy, and social injustice, Prayers for Cheri who has to have an expensive procedure with her teeth, Prayers for Ella who has to have hip surgery in September, Prayers for Kevin Bogan’s visit with his father that all goes well, Prayers for the strength not to run ahead of God in anything, Prayers for all to know the assurance of God’s will and to rest in it, Prayers that all family member’s eyes are opened to see Jesus, ears to hear God, and to fall in love with Jesus, Prayers that The Salvation Army will have a successful back to school supply giveaway this coming Thursday, Prayers for Reggie and his family in the loss of his mother,  Prayers for parents and students planning/returning to school, Prayers for wisdom for teachers beginning a new year of virtual teaching and give them guidance, patience, kindness and enthusiasm, Prayers that students will be excited and motivated to learn in these most unusual circumstances, Prayers especially for Wendy who is starting back to teaching wearing a mask, speaking in a microphone, and trying to teach to a screen while also teaching live students, Prayers for Marlene’s friend, Kathleen, who just lost her dad, Prayers for all those who did not get to participate in the Hunterdon County Fair this past week, Prayers for Christina Bethman as she gets ready to move to France, Prayers for those experiencing and fighting the fires in California, Prayers for those grieving and struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically, Prayers for those in the path of the upcoming storms/hurricanes, Prayers for Pastor Courtney in quarantinePrayers for family/friends grieving the passing of Margaret Cromie, Prayers for Ruth Chisea who is on blood-thinners as she prepares for her surgery on September 2, Prayers for healing for all on the Larison’s corner prayer list, Prayers for those who seem to always struggle with ups and downs, Prayers for Whitney as it sinks in that she can’t hear her Dad’s voice again, Prayers for all who find time warped where  December seems ages ago and yet summer is almost over but the pandemic seems like it’s been going on forever, Prayers that more and more people will turn back to Jesus Christ. O Lord hear our prayers.

Ongoing prayer requests:
Nancy Godown     The Biggs Family  Josephson Family   The Military and their Families

GUIDELINES for worship in response to Covid-19 are listed below.
Share prayer requests by email
-We look forward to gathering this Sunday at our church for ‘Worship on the Lawn.” 
IF there are heavy rains, we will meet at the Pavilion in the Park
(Marion F. Clawson Memorial Park – 1053 Old York Rd, Ringoes, NJ  08551). 
-An email update will be sent out IF we move to the Park.
-A FacebookLive Worship will be available on our Facebook Page at 11 AM wherever we worship.     

Details for our Worship on the Lawn Service: 
Bring your own chairs to place on the lawn. Bring your umbrella just in case. 
We will observe 6-feet-apart social-distancing
We will refrain from handshakes or hugs 
Worship bulletins will be available at a safe distance
Family, significant others, and caretakers may sit together
Offertory donation box will be available
Pastor Courtney will preach from the back entrance
A sound system will be used for worship and music
Worship will be live-streamed on Facebook at 11 AM
A recording of the worship service may be viewed later    

Previously Recorded Service Links
Since March 22, Larison’s Corner has provided online worship services.  They are all available on our Larison’s Corner YouTube Channel for you to view.  The links for all the recordings are under the SERMONS tab. 

I ask God to hold you in the palm of His hand during these anxious days.  May you know His peace. 
I am here if you need anything. 
Email:  pastorcourtney@larisonscorner.org
Call or text: 561-703-2263.
Our website is www.larisonscorner.org
Click here for our Facebook Page
Click here for our Instagram
Click here for our YouTube Channel

In Christ, Pastor Courtney B. Cromie    

Sunday Worship Service times:
Throughout the year:  11:00 am

PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, worship services have been recorded by Pastor Courtney and placed on YouTube. To view these videos, please look under the SERMONS tab.

Holy Communion takes place on the first Sunday of each month.

All are Welcome!

Hope you’ll join us!

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