The Sourland Spectacular

Sourland Spectacular CoverSourland Spectacular 2017 1As part of our mission, we at Larison’s Corner Presbyterian Church like to be good neighbors to our friends in the Sourland region we call our home.  From the sanctuary windows we can see the hills and forests that make this area so unique, an oasis amidst budding urban sprawl.  As we have done in the past, we will be hosting a rest stop for the intrepid riders participating in the Sourland Spectacular to raise money for the Sourland Conservancy. 

Again this year, the church will be serving serving sandwiches, bananas, grapes, pretzels and other snacks, along with water and Gatorade.  Judging from the multitude of photographs on the Sourland Spectacular Facebook Page from last year’s event this promises to be a fun ride for all. Sourland 2017 3

Maps of this year’s ride (from 5 to 65 miles) can be seen here:


In addition, more information about the bike ride can be found here:

Sourland Spectacular 2017 2


Along the route, bicyclists will see be immersed in beautiful vistas such as this one. 


Sourland 2017 4

Lunch at the end of the ride will be back at the Otto Kaufman Center in Skillman, NJ where they will be serving ice cream sundaes from Bent Spoon, pizza from New World Pizza and sausage sandwiches from Brick Farm Market.



Join them on the ride



or help out as a VOLUNTEER at the Larison’s Corner  Presbyterian Church rest stop or elsewhere.


To find out more about them, be sure to visit the Sourland Conservancy at these locations: and 

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