Spring Message From Rev. Mark


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Pulling Weeds                             

I hate pulling weeds.  Dislike of this task is in my DNA.  Indeed, any yard work is something that I actively try to avoid.  I loathe mowing grass, despise planting flowers, and don’t even talk to me about fertilizing the lawn.  Frankly, I would rather have dental work done without anesthetic than “work outside.”

Given my mindset, you may be wondering why I am currently at my mother’s house pulling weeds, planting shrubs and doing all manner of spring outdoor yard work.  Although it does go against the grain, I’m happy to do these tasks for my mother, as there is something that compels me to set aside my personal feelings and get my hands dirty.

The motivation that allows me to get beyond my feelings is the Fifth Commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.”  Even though yard work does not strike one as “honorable,” it is one of the ways I’ve found to fulfill that Commandment.  Yard work may seem trivial, but given the daily struggle to balance work, family, and all the forces (good and bad) that seek to pull my attention away from what is important, it is currently the best I can do.

God provided the Ten Commandments for direction and to show us how to live.  The fact that by our very nature, we can’t fulfill them is ever before me and every one of us, and I thank God that Jesus Christ has removed that heavy burden from us.  Still, I’m compelled to try and live by those Ten Commandments as best I can, putting aside my wants and desires to try and live the life God wants me to live.

So, I pull weeds.  We should all take a look at our lives and how we live them, using the Ten Commandments as a yardstick for our behavior.  We need to remember that we can’t perfectly fulfill them all, but we should give it our best effort.  I do it by pulling weeds.  Who knows what you’ll be able to figure out?  And when we can’t live up to those rules, we need to remember the mercy of Christ, that allows us to throw ourselves before His throne as He bestows upon us forgiveness and strength to start anew.

Blessings to and peace to all,

Reverend Mark


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