Worship Schedule

Larison’s Corner Presbyterian offers Morning Worship every Sunday at 11 AM in our church sanctuary.  In this time of the pandemic, Larison’s Corner takes safety very seriously.  We meet in person in our sanctuary and also offer Facebook Live services as well as recorded services on our YouTube channel. We post these recordings, or links to them, here on our website. (on Sermons page)

We observe the sacrament of communion. During the pandemic, we are serving the elements in pre-sealed individual containers.

Some steps we are taking to show our love and care for one another regarding safety include: 
-staying home if not well
-wearing masks during service
-refraining from singing
-sitting 6-feet apart (if not family)
-serving communion in sealed container
-using hand sanitizer/wipes
-the pastor is behind plexiglass
-the sanctuary is thoroughly cleaned
-FacebookLive and worship recordings are on YouTube  

Photo credit: ananaline

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