Reverend Mark’s Underground Adventures

As I took a snow day from jail, I crawled under the church for some photos and subject matter for my last message.  I have attached a fair representation of my efforts down under. Oddly, there were as you put it “creepy crawlies” under the building despite the sub-freezing temperatures.  There are one or two photos of the world’s toughest crickets in the mix, and they will be a topic of discussion.  The small round thing in my grubby glove is a penny found in the dirt; more on that later, too.  Enjoy puzzling over these.

Chasm in the Sanctuary floor

The chasm in the sanctuary floor

Center support by flashlight

The center support wall by flashlight

Good look at wall photo flash

Another good look a the wall, this one by photo flash

Hand-hewn beams

More wall. hand-hewn beams and the infamous tree beam with the bark!

Foundation wall on parking lot side

What’s on the other side of that hole? This is the foundation wall on the parking lot side

Axe marks on beams

Axe marks on the beams


Cobwebs and the two bugs in the flashlight beam are part of the cricket herd living under the church.

Piles of concrete

The reason for all those piles of concrete: early in my tenure, Joe Adda talked about having the foundation “pointed” and shored-up.  This is the result – an additional concrete support behind the foundation, running the entire length of the Dutch Lane/graveyard side of the church. 


center beam meets wall behind altar

Where the center beam meets the wall behind the alter – and more crickets!

Found money

Found money! I was hoping for turn-of-the-century, but, after a bit of cleaning, it was from 1979.

penny in situ

The penny in situ

Trusty gloves

And, finally, my trusty gloves, earmuffs and my well-traveled #1 Cycle Center Harley-Davidson cap, complete with the cobwebs!







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