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Recent photos May 2022

Recent photos of sanctuary renovation (posted 4.4.22):

Recent renovations pictures:

Ceiling above sanctuary

Cross section of new meeting room wall/ceiling

Larison’s Corner is undergoing exciting, extensive renovations.  Thanks to the generosity of its members and friends, the church has rebuilt the manse porch, the manse porch roof and the front steps to the main entrance of the sanctuary. Soon to come will be a new railing to help those who mount the steps. A recently installed, new gas-fired heating system ensures the comfort of the congregation in wintertime.  The stinky
oil-fired dinosaur is history.

As you can see by the pictures below, the building’s exterior is in the process of getting a much-needed facelift. Dumpster-bound is the early seventies-era aluminum siding to be replaced with Hardie Board siding. New Marvin Clad Ultimate Insert Double Hung windows will shortly grace sanctuary, including the front of the sanctuary, where visitors will see magnificent two-story arched windows, hankering back to the early days of the church. 

The process of installing the siding and windows is really quite ingenious and preserves the old siding for a later time when painting might again be in vogue. 

Step one:  Courses of the aluminum siding are removed above the foundation to enable workers to identify the studs to which the 5/8″ plywood exterior sheathing will later be attached.
Step two: The remaining aluminum siding is removed section by section for recycling or disposal.
Step three: Tyvek commercial weather barrier is installed over the sheathing.
Step four: Boral trim is added around the windows, soffits, fascia, and outside corners. Those of you who have had experience with it know that Boral is a fantastic product, as is holds up well in weather and requires less maintenance than wood.
Step five: The Marvin windows and new sills will be installed in the front, sides and rear of the church.
Step six: Workers will cover the entire church, including the steeple, with durable Hardie Plank siding, designed to last a lifetime and require infrequent painting.  

Pictures below are from August 2019:

Parking Lot side crop ip BS
Larison's 4 BS

Today, a lift truck appeared to work on the soffits and the bell tower, aka the steeple. Love to see that lift truck in action! 

Original siding showing and plywood boxing has begun.
Chiesa 2
Original siding showing. Plywood boxing and Tyvek wrap.

The new windows are being installed. Thanks to an excellent, caring  contractor, they fit perfectly.  Now to replace the trim and button up the sills.

Barry-Lynn 4
DSC_0167 (2)

DSC_0151 (2)

Barry-Lynn Finnished back
Such a pretty church! Can’t wait till the front is finished.

If you would like to help fund these renovations, please click here: Contribute


Our front door gets a much needed face lift, the first of many long overdue improvements

Members of the congregation proudly display our new stained glass window

On January 27, 2019 we dedicated our new CHANCEL CF-10 organ.

You can read more about it  here: Allen CF10 Organ


Just look at these photos of the Sarah Strong Room entrance! What a change! While we miss the old rhododendrons, their time had passed. Plants and landscaping were donated from a local business and from a member of our congregation.  Thanks to all!


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