Mid-winter Message From Rev. Mark


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My ink has finally thawed….


            Writing, as a means of communication and an art form, is a beautiful thing.  I like to think I stand in a long line of writers, novelists and theologians who take great pride in sculpting words into a chain of thought that inspires and enlightens the reader.  It is a glorious and noble task.  When it works.

            It’s not working now and it’s frustrating.  I’m currently staring at a blank screen, wondering where all those wonderful thoughts and images I had a short time ago have wandered off to.  I’ve hit a “flat spot” that every writer goes through and it makes me grind my teeth.  I seem incapable of moving off this spot.

            Fortunately for us, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost never have a moment of writer’s block.  Nowhere in the Old or New Testaments does God have to stop for a moment to think things through, Christ pause to collect his thoughts, nor do we ever see the Holy Spirit pull back to get direction from the front office. 

Our God is the God Who Acts, and not one who ruminates over what to do next.  God’s work is always in motion, a lesson we need to pay attention to.  To be sure, people and Churches have a history of problems.  Even Paul hit a couple rough spots in his work.  Scripture points out that he always turns his problems over to God in prayer and praise and new paths open.  There’s another lesson we need to remember.

All of us get jammed up occasionally, whether it’s in writing or some other aspect of our lives.  Like Paul, let’s turn those things over to God in prayer.  And don’t forget the praise part, either.  Hopefully, you don’t feel funny praying or singing hymns at home, but if you do, show up to Church once in a while.  You’ll fit right in.   Some of us can’t carry a tune in a bag, but we all raise our voices in praise, pray with true thankfulness and aren’t embarrassed at all.  Who knows?  Worshipping with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ might help find a way out of your predicament.

As you may have noticed, a little thinking about God and His nature seems to have worked wonders on my writer’s block.  It will work for you, too.  When you hit a rough spot, bring it up to our Father in Heaven.  His work is always in motion.  Ours is, too.  Like Paul, you’ll find that a little prayer and praise will go a long way to help your problems and difficulties will work themselves out.

Blessings and peace be upon you and yours,



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