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Larison’s Corner Posts… Wrestled with the content of this page for weeks,  but to no avail.  Last night, which could have been any night since came to light again, it struck us right after we added the sixth The Last Word blog post.  Larison’s Corner Posts is  the umbrella under which The Last Word posts rest, here for all to see and to meditate upon, hence the photograph above, posted before the concept took shape in words.

At first, we thought that we would update The Last Word weekly, then we saw an interesting quotation or two daily, if not nightly, and thought to ourselves, “That’s good. we should post that one….” we did not want to post every day–burdensome– but it may come to that point. we even thought we would try to schedule Wednesdays and Saturdays as additional days, but we are finding too many thought-provoking quotations to limit their exposure to a blindly itinerant world so badly in need of them.

Consult them daily and one can quickly conclude Facebook and Twitter can be cesspools of modern intellectual detritus, not to mention bitter partisan debate and lengthy political harangues.  While we have more recently endeavored to stay away from adding to the verbal junk pile in Facebook and Twitter, we will admit to personally having contributed to the harangues.  Ultimately truly tiresome, unless one is–in the manner of Narcissus– fatally enamored with one’s own opinion. Enough is enough.  Peaceful, perhaps intriguing, inspiring and contemplative,  diminutive missives await you in The Last Word, with just a smattering of intellectual agitation to keep you questioning. 

Under the cover of Larison’s Corner Posts in The Last Word, you will find quotations from the great writers, thinkers and theologians of of the past and in our time. From Dietrich Bonhoeffer to St Augustine, we include as much wisdom as we can daily uncover.  As you go about your day, we hope that you will carry with you inspiring words from The Last Word, mediating upon them, ruminating about them, discussing them with family and friends as you travel.  Well armed against the prevalent forces of verbal lethargy, chaos and mayhem, we hope you will do your part to help reclaim our Christian culture. Take the time to learn about the contributions of these profound men and women, at least those with whom you are presently  unfamiliar.  With appropriate attribution in the future, we may post short biographical sketches.  Inspired Christian thinkers and doers, all have in common seminal biblical inspiration for their thoughts.

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