Larison’s Corner Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Values

 Prayerfully doing the Lord’s work with inspired hearts and hands. 

The United First Presbyterian Church of Amwell at Larison’s Corner is a faithful congregation who trust and obey Jesus Christ.  As such, we, the members are the body that carries on his mission today.  We intend to: 

  • Provide a sanctuary for members and attenders to know and care for one another (Member Care)
  • Worship and Celebrate life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying, and which glorify God (Worship and Celebration)
  • Educate persons of all ages to increase their knowledge and understanding of faith in Jesus Christ and what it means to be a Presbyterian. Provide members to assume their responsibilities as leaders. (Education)
  • Be more aware of and interact with our world community to show that we care and work to alleviate human suffering and need. (Outreach)
  • Strive to show that being a part of the Christian community is good news and that they are invited to join. (Outreach)
  • Expand, maintain and use church facilities in such a way as to show our regard for Jesus Christ (Buildings and grounds)
  • Develop human and financial resources to carry on our mission. (Stewardship and Resources)
  • Encourage the membership to become leaders in the church and within the community and to make a commitment to organizations that will help us accomplish our mission. (Leadership and Administration)
  • Prayerfully and joyfully reflect the light of Our Lord and Savior in our words and deeds as we carry out His mission.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Kizel Cotiw-an



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