Corner Club Recipes


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Recipes and cooking tips from the ladies and friends of the Corner Club 

Larisons Recipe booklet


Click here to view the Ladies’ Aid Society Cookbook




Recipes are located under specific headings in the menu bar:

-Breakfast Treats
-Breads and Desserts
-Main Dishes
-Pasta and Sauces
-Salads, Soups and Stews
-Vegetable and Side Dishes

Hover your mouse over the Corner Club Recipes tab, then move to the Heading you would like to open and click on it.
When the Heading page opens, you may click on any recipe listed. The page with the specific ingredients and directions for the selected recipe will open. 

The industrious ladies of the Corner Club, are always eager to try new recipes, cook and bake for every event the church undertakes. Money raised goes to support Larison’s Corner and the many mission outreaches it supports.  You can find a full list of them under the tab entitled “Ministry in service to Christ.” I know these ladies well and they truly are the heart and soul of the church.









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