A Walk Through the Bible From Aloe to Sage….

Did you know many common herbs are mentioned in the Bible? Here is just a short list of those we have planted in an herb garden on the church property:

Aloe an old friend in the kitchen:  shutterstock_302390615.jpgmentioned in Proverbs 7:17.

Chamomile: shutterstock_190322174mentioned in Isaiah 40:6.

Coriander:  shutterstock_342103691 mentioned in Exodus 16:31

Dill:  Dill.jpgmentioned in Exodus 30:34,


 Hyssopmentioned in Leviticus 14:52.

Mint: (A personal favorite)

shutterstock_218117728mentioned in Matthew 23:23.

Rosemary (Another personal favorite) bringing to mind many an Easter lamb: 

shutterstock_70304854 mentioned in Luke 11:42.

Finally Sage: shutterstock_457122142.jpg mentioned in Exodus 37:17.

While at first glance, you may not find a specific mention in certain of the verses cited, because the the prevalence of these herbs in the Middle East, those without specific mention are thought by biblical scholars to be be what is pictured here. Cases in point: Dill and Sage.

More information to come. 

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